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Discuss the different preventive measures for the control of dengue fever,

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Ans. (a) Destroy breeding of aedes mosquitoes ; such as water pools, water jars, flower pots and vases, old tyres on roofs, water tanks, holes in concrete or cement floor, buckets etc.
(b) Avoid mosquito bites especially from 4-8 am and 4-8 pm when Aedes is most-active. "
(c) Wear full sleeve shirts.
(d) Use mosquito repellents such as mospel on face and exposed body parts.
(e) Use mosquito repellents/inseticides in rooms, houses, shops e.g., Mortein, Baygon, etc.
(f) Use mosquito nets during sleep.
(g) The sick person must immediately be shifted in hospital or in a separate room. ,                                          '(h) Immediately seek expert medical advice from a qualified doctor. Never use any drug or antibiotic as self medication.
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