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Enlist the important symptoms and treatments of paralysis and epilepsy. - Questions and Answers
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Enlist the important symptoms and treatments of paralysis and epilepsy.

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Paralysis is the complete loss of function by one or more muscle groups.
It is most often caused by damage to the central nervous system (brain or spinal cord). The damage may be due to stroke (rupture in a blood vessel of brain or spinal cord), blood clotting in these blood vessels, or poison produced by polio viruses.
Patient may have weak paralysis throughout his/her body or have paralysis in one side of body. There may also be paralysis in the lower extremities or in all four limbs.
Epilepsy is a nervous disorder in which there is abnormal and excessive discharge of nerve impulses in brain.
It causes unprovoked seizures in patient. A seizure of epilepsy is a temporary abnormal state of brain marked by convulsions. '
In younger people, epilepsy may be due to genetic or developmental causes. In people over age 40 years, brain tumors are more likely to cause epilepsy. Head trauma and central nervous system infections may cause epilepsy at any age.
Treatment and Preventions
There is no known cure of epilepsy but medicines can control seizures. Patients of epilepsy have to take medicines daily for the treatment as well as prevention of seizures. These are termed "anticonvulsant" or "antiepileptic" drugs.

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