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Discuss the role of Information Technology in school education

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Ans. We are living in the age of information technology Information technology has become part and parcel of the modern world The role of IT in education is very vital
The use of IT in school education has changed the traditional and ancient methods of teaching and learning. Now-a-days IT provides plenty of sources to enhance the teaching skills and learning ability Today teachers are using multimedia in classroom to make the teaching and learning process more vivid ana effective. In this modern age, students are using computer and internet for the preparation of their-projects, assignments and examinations.
The role of IT in school education cannot be ignored In fact use of computer in school education has made it easier for teachers to impart knowledge and for students to acquire it The use of IT in schools has made the process of teaching and learning more interacting and innovative. The use of audio-visual aids in classroom teaching invite? greater interest from students.
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