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What is Font in MS-Word?

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A great place to begin if you're new to TrueType, this article starts with the basics and provides links to more detailed information about the various aspects of TrueType.

What is TrueType?

TrueType fonts

The TrueType rasterizer

Scan conversion

A brief history of TrueType

Explaining the relationship between TrueType, TrueType Open, and TrueType GX, as well as the reasons TrueType exists at all. Frequently asked questions

TrueType, OpenType, all things type. If you've got questions, check out our answers. Embedding TrueType

TrueType font embedding is a powerful feature of various applications. This article explains how you can take advantage of this technology to make your documents truly portable. Smooth fonts in Microsoft Windows

This page explains how font smoothing works and why it helps.


ClearType is an unprecedented innovation in font display technology. ClearType dramatically improves font display resolution and marks a genuine breakthrough in screen readability. Read more about this exciting technology that has revolutionized the way type is rendered on color LCD displays. Fonts and products

Ever wondered what fonts are installed by default when you set up a Web browser or operating system? Some of this info has been posted to our new Fonts and products section. Details of fonts installed by other product will be added soon. TrueType hinting
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