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Draw and explain ER diagram for the system or getting admission in your college?

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Course Code: MCS-014

Course Title: Systems Analysis and Design

Assignment Number: MCA (I)/014/Assignment/15-16

Maximum Marks: 100

Weightage: 25%

Draw ERD for Online Admission System for a University. Make necessary assumptions.

ER Diagram

Notations for the components of ERD:

Entities: An entity is something about which the business needs to store data. An entity is a class of persons, places, objects, events or concepts about which we need to capture and store data. An entity instance is a single occurrence of an


Attribute: An attribute is a descriptive property or characteristic of an entity. Synonyms include element, property and field.A compound attribute is one that actually consists of other attributes. It is also known as a composite attribute. An attribute “Address” is the example of compound attribute as shown in the following illustration

Relationships: A relationship is a natural business association that exists between one or more entities. The relationship may represent an event that links the entities.

Cardinality: defines the minimum and maximum number of occurrences of one entity that may be related to a single occurrence of the other entity. Because all relationships are bidirectional, cardinality must be defined in both directions for every relationship.

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