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What do you know about natural resources?

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All those resources which are provided by the nature are called natural resources.For example , earth, mountains, rivers, plants, water air, animals etc. 

Natural resources, including land, water, fisheries, mining Resources, forests, marine resources, climate, precipitation and terrain. But nature has more in his arms, in order to find out what Hide; men need to know to develop undiscovered technology Resources. Sometimes the use of resources found immediately Increase its value. When we talk about a country’s natural resources, we have
Obviously taking into account the known natural resources or the extent of discovery Their current use. With the growth of knowledge Unknown resources and their use of a country’s natural endowments The major changes. The nature of natural resources is another consideration Some resources; for example, land, water, fisheries and forests are renewable energy And other similar minerals and mineral oil which is depletable And may be used only once. Therefore, caution depletion Resources and quality of renewable resources like land maintenance A necessary condition for the development process.

Principle Resource Development

The main objective of resource development is to maximize Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and to this end there should be Resources not only in the short term, but in the best use of Sustained manner, in a long period. Various guidelines Resources are:

Ք economic use of resources, waste minimization By protecting Ք sustainable use of economic resources Economical use of renewable resources and renewable resources

Ք multipurpose use of resources: If a number of resources Purposes, it is necessary for all applications
Ք integrated planning in the use of natural resources

, To industry Ք position to reduce transportation costs, lowest
Ք large supply of energy resources, especially electricity, etc. As in the best possible way to use other resources.

Land Resources

The total geographical area of india is about 329 million hectares of which 42 million hectares or 14% of the total reporting area in india is classified as: Ք Barren land, such as mountains, deserts, etc. Which cannot be brought under cultivation and Ք Area under non-agricultural uses, that is, lands occupied by buildings, roads and railways, rivers and canals, and other lands put to use other than agricultural. Ք The rest of the land is put under three major uses, viz., Forests, pastures and agriculture.

Forest Resources
Forests are important natural resources in India. They help control Flood, so they resist soil erosion. They provide timber, Fuelwood, fodder, and various non-wood products. They are Natural habitat and genetic diversity of the rich biological resource library. forest, Thus, serve environmental and economic sustainability play an important role. In the land use pattern, the Indian government is expected to total According to forest area of 680,000 hectares, 22 per cent of the total geographical Area. In China, forest generally underestimated the economic And social aspects.
The contribution of the forestry sector to the GDP is to 1% in 1996 –97 (Measured at 1980 –81 price). Recent estimates suggest that the total value of Forestry sector 2.4% of GDP to provide products and services. Have Concentration in a few countries Forest Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa And a number of UTs. North India is a particular lack of forest. It is necessary to increase the country’s forest area is also They lack the culture of the state.

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