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Why people fell ill when they visit Makkah to perform Haj?

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We Muslims feel honoured and proud to be the slaves of Allaah, the One, the Self-Sufficient Master, Who begets not nor was He begotten, and there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him; He is our Lord and we have no Lord besides Him. Hence we respond to the commands of our Lord with the utmost humility and submit to His commands.

If a Muslim does Hajj in the manner required by his Lord, then Allaah has promised to forgive him his sins and admit him to Paradise, on condition that he does not spoil this action by committing any major action that would invalidate it and earn the anger of Allaah.

Ther are innumerable reasons for muslims to perform hajj having both spiritual benefits as well as fulfillment of Allah's command.

Perhaps in no other spiritual or religious event is unity this more evident than in the Hajj in Mecca, during which millions of Muslims set aside all differences of race, caste, economic status, nationality, and even sect as they unite in the holy pilgrimage, each donning the simple two-piece white garb of the non-attached traveler, allowing nearly no apparent difference whatsoever between men as they stand together in the Divine Presence of their Creator.

During the Hajj in Mecca, Muslims honor the Holy Ka’ba originally built by Adam (as) as the first House of God when he awakened upon the earth, rebuilt by Abraham and Ishmael (as)centuries later, and finally purified by the Prophet Muhammad (saws) in the seventh century of the idolatry that had desecrated it.

During the Hajj in Mecca, one cannot but be reminded of the life beyond, the life eternal, when the world and all it contains has fallen away, and all that matters is the eternal destiny of the human soul,continually maintain focus on Eternity, on the Divine Presence of God, rather than allowing yourself to become overtaken by dunya, the world of form and appearances that continually seeks to distract us and lead us into heedlessness, unconsciousness and loss of purpose. Use the Five Daily Prayers as an opportunity to continually reaffirm your focus and direction in life. Tune in to the power of the present moment.

Finally, we go to Hajj in Mecca to realize our true divine destiny and purpose, to become what God Almighty created humanity for — awakened and enlightened spiritual deputies of the One, perfected servants in creation, open, clear, transparent, purified of selfishness, living exemplars of goodness, beauty, light, compassion and love.
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