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which things are included in an environment?

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Environment includes seas, river, lakes, deserts, mountains, forests and green fields.

saving environmentwhen u go 4 camping or hiking take all your rubbish home with you or throw in a proper dustbin.

don't break branches of trees or carve your names on 'em.

recycle things.

say no to products made from animal hides and body parts!

plant more and more trees and preserve forest.

According to scientist Ryan Wallack, saving the environment is much more than just recycling. You have to do it with your heart!

kill human fat bodies and people that make a point not to recycle

One way is to change your desktop black. Creating a black screen takes way less energy to display than a white one.

you can say no to chemical cleaners and wash things with vinegar. It is acidic and effective. You can use it to kill bacteria on surfaces and wash away soap scum or clean out your coffee maker. It can even be used as long as it is diluted on the first wash and only the first wash of band t shirts to preserve the colors
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