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Mention the chemical reaction for the formation of metallic copper in the bessemerization process.

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Answer. In the bessemerization process molten matte is further heated. Molten matte is mixed with sand and heated with a hot blast of air through tuyers. Ferrous sulphide is oxidized to form ferrous oxide. Which react with sand to form slag (FeSiO3) that float on the top.
                   2FeS(1) + 3O2(g)            2FeO2(g) + 2SO2(g)
                   FeO(1) + SiO2(1)            FeSiO3(slag)
On the other hand, cuprous sulphide is oxidized to form cuprous oxide, which again reacts with remaining cuprous sulphide to form metallic copper.
                   2Cu2S(1) + 3O2(g)           2Cu2O(1)+ 2SO2(g)
                   2Cu2O(1) + Cu2S(1)         6Cu(s)+ SO2(g)
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