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Give some uses of organic compounds in our daily life. - Questions and Answers
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Give some uses of organic compounds in our daily life.

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Answer. The main uses of organic compounds in daily life are
1.        Uses as Food: The food we eat daily such as milk, eggs, meat, vegetables, etc., contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, etc., are all organic compounds.

2.       Uses as Clothing: All types of clothing (we wear, we use as bed sheets etc.) are made up of natural fibers (cotton, silk and wool, etc.) and synthetic fibers (nylon, Dacron and acrylic, etc.) all these are organic compounds.

3.       Uses as Houses: Wood is cellulose (naturally synthesized organic compound). It is used for making houses and furniture of all kinds. All of these are organic compounds.
4.       Uses as Fuel: The fuels we use for automobiles and domestic purposes are coal, petroleum and natural gas. These are called fossil fuels. All of these are organic compounds.
5.       Uses as Medicines: A large number of organic compounds (naturally synthesized by plants) are used as medicines by us. Most of the life saving medicines and drugs such as antibiotics (inhibit or kill microorganisms which cause infectious diseases) are synthesized in laboratories.

6.       Uses as Raw Material: Organic compound are used to prepare a variety of materials, such as rubber, paper, ink, drugs, dyes, paints, varnishes, pesticides, etc.
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