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Write a detailed note on functional groups of alkenes and alkynes. How they are identified from other compounds?

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Answer.   Organic   compounds   containing   double   bond   in   their molecules are called alkenes, such as:
                H2C = CH2
Organic compounds containing triple bond in their molecules are called alkynes, such as:
                               HC ≡ CH     
                          Ethene (Acetylene)

Identification from other compounds
(i)      Bromine water test:
Dissolve a pinch of the given organic compound in 2.0cm3 of carbon tetrachloride (CCI4). Add 2-cm3 of bromine water in it. Bromine will be decolorized which confirms the presence of double or triple bond.
(ii)     Baeyer's test:
Dissolve about 0.2 g of the organic compound in water. Add 2-3 drops of alkaline KMnO4 solution in the aqueous solution of organic compound. Pink colour will disappear. This confirms the presence of double or triple bond.
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