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How can we close Microsoft Word program?

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Close a Document When you are through working in a document, you need to close it. This will help prevent unintended changes from being made to it, and also to free the computer working memory [Random Access Memory (RAM)] some space.

Note, however, that closing a document means simply closing the active document (using the Close command or alternatives), without actually quitting the entire Word window.

There are several ways of closing a document in Word. These methods use:

The File menu

The Close Window button on the menu bar

Shortcut keys

Closing a Document Using the File Menu

1. From the Menu bar, choose File.

2. From the File menu, click Close.

Close a Document Using the Close Window Button on the Menu Bar Simply click the Close Window (X) button to the extreme right of the Menu bar. The active document will be closed, leaving the Word program still running. Word or the Office Assistant will prompt you to save your document, if you have unsaved changes in the document.

Close a Document Using Shortcut Keys

To close the current document without exiting Word, you can use any of the following shortcut keys, if you are a keyboard fan:

Press Ctrl and F4 keys simultaneously on the keyboard (Ctrl + F4)


Press Ctrl and W keys simultaneously on the keyboard (Ctrl + W)
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