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Describe different modes of displaying data in BASIC

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Graphics is that area of computer programming which is highly in use these days. It is that type of programming in which we draw text or pictures i.e., shape and images on the screen of the computer.

Types of Graphics: - There are three modes of drawing Graphics

1. Text Mode: - It is the first mode of drawing graphics and it refers to drawing number, letter and special characters (like $, % and so on) in the graphics form like high lighting, make them blinking or to convert them into invisible form.

In text mode these characters are displayed in terms of 25 rows x 40 columns or 25 rows x 80 columns on the screen of the computer monitor.

computer monitor. 2. Medium-Resolution Graphics Mode:- In this mode of Graphics, the display is divide into a matrix consisting of 320 columns and 200 rows of pixels. This graphical mode works with 4 columns. The columns are numbered from 0 to 319 and the rows from 0 to 199.'

3. High-resolution graphics Mode: - High-Resolution graphics Mode contains more pixels than the medium resolution mode. In this mode the screen is divided into 640 columns and 200 rows which make a matrix of 640 x 200 pixels. This high resolution is used to facilitate more precise and clear drawing of graphics.
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