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What do you know about BASIC Language?Describe the rules for writing program in BASIC.

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The word BASIC stands for Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction. BASIC language is one of the simplest high- level languages in use today. It is a general- purpose programming language. It is effective for many applications such as, business, science, games and education. Actually BASIC was designed for use in teaching the elementary principles of computer programming in a straightforward manner. That is why, it is particularly well suited for person learning to program for the first time. Because of its simplicity, it is now used almost universally. In Pakistan, many high and junior schools now offer courses in this programming language

Rules for writing program in BASIC:

i.Every program statement must begin with a line number.

ii.It is a good practice to end every BASIC program with an END statement.However,it is not mandatory. iii.Repetition of line numbers with in a program is not allowed.

iv.Two or more statements can be written on a line but they must be separated by a colon

 (:) v.In BASIC program,variables can ne used without declarition.

vi.In a BASIC program,the physical apperaance of the program statements does not matter
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