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Write a short note on following:  1) Document Windows  2)The Ruler 

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Document Windows : The area in which text is written ,edited formatted,etc is called document window.It comprises the largest Powered by www.testvitals.com 2018/11/01 07:59 area of the Word application window.The document window also contains the following

nsertion:The blinking vertical bar is called insertion point.it indicates the place where typed text will be written in the document. End Mark:The thick horizontal line specifies end of the document.it is called the end mark.The end mark is displayed in NORMAL VIEW only.

-Beam:The mouse pointer appears as I-shaped object when it is placed in the document window.it is also called I-BEAM. The Ruler:The ruler is generally found below the main toolbars.The ruler is used to change the format of your document quickly.To display the ruler:

i.Click view on the menu bar.

ii.The option Ruler should have a check mark next to it.if it has a check mark next to it,press ESC to close the menu.If it does not have a check mark next to it,continu t the next step.

iii.Click ruler.The ruler now appears below the toolbars.
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