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Explain inserting text in a document?

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The most common method for inserting text into a Word 2007 document is by cutting and pasting it. This works well for short pieces of text, but if you need to insert an entire document's worth of text or even just a lengthy section of a document there are potentially better options than the cut-and-paste method.

Word 2007 allows you to insert portions of other documents, or entire documents, into your work in a few quick steps:

1. Position your cursor where you would like to insert the document.

2. Click the Insert tab.

3. Click pull-down arrow attached to the Object button located in the Text section of the ribbon menu.

4. Click Text from File... from the menu. This opens the Insert File dialog box.

 5. Select your document file. If you want to insert just a portion of the document, click the Range button. The Set Range dialog box will open where you can enter the bookmark name from the word document, or if you're inserting data from an Excel document enter the range of the cells to insert. Click OK when you're done.

6. Click Insert when finished selecting your document.

7. The document you selected (or portion of the document) will be inserted, beginning at your cursor location. Note that the text you insert in your document with this method works best when the original won't be changing. If the original does change, the inserted text will not update automatically with those changes. However, using the linked text option below offers a third method of inserting that gives you a way to update the document automatically if the original changes.
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