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What is microsoft word? Describe its important features.

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Microsoft Word is word processing software that allows users to create and edit text documents. Users can start with blank documents or work from pre-configured templates for projects with frequently used formats. Microsoft Word is often packaged with the Microsoft Office Suite, but it is also sold independently.

Microsoft Word offers a variety of useful features. Spell check is a basic feature provided within the program that allows users to check proper spelling within their documents. Grammar checking is a popular feature that allows users to check punctuation, sentence structure and other basic grammar issues.

Microsoft Word allows users to alter the appearance of text easily by changing its color, font style and size. The document is easily saved as a file on a computer or other media device and retrieved whenever needed for editing, sharing or printing. Cut and paste features included in Microsoft Word allow users to copy text or images from various sources and paste them directly into Word documents. Users are able to create and format custom tables and graphs, as well.

Several templates are incorporated into the program that offer the ability to create customized resumes, letterheads, address labels and many other useful documents. The program offers the ability to handle HTML coding, so it can even be used to create or edit web pages.
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