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Discuss different method to access files?

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In computing, an access method is a program or a hardware mechanism that moves data between the computer and an outlying device such as a hard disk (or other form of storage) or a display terminal. The term is sometimes used to refer to the mechanics of placing or locating specific data at a particular place on a storage medium and then writing the data or reading it. It is also used to describe the way that data is located within a larger unit of data such as a data set or file.

There are two type of access method random access and sequential access.

Sequential Access: A simple access method, information in a file is accessed sequentially one record after another. To process the with record all the 1-1 records previous to 1 must be accessed. Sequential access is based on the tape model that is inherently a sequential access device. Sequential access is best suited where most of the records in a file are to be processed. For example, transaction files.

Random Access files: Sometimes it is not necessary to process every record in a file. It may not be necessary to process records in the order in which they are present. Information present in a record of a file is to be accessed only if some key value in that record is known. In all such cases, direct access is used. Direct access is based on the disk that is a direct access device and allows random access of any file block. Since a file is a collection of physical blocks, any block and hence the records in that block are accessed. For example, master files. Databases are often of this type since they allow query processing that involves immediate access to large amounts of information. All reservation systems fall into this category. Not all operating systems support direct access files. Usually files are to be defined as sequential or direct at the time of creation and accessed accordingly later. Sequential access of a direct access file is possible but direct access of a sequential file is not.
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