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Discuss the proposal of cabinent mission plan

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The Cabinet Mission was sent by the British government to discuss with the Indian leaders the matter of the Transfer of Power to the Indian hands.

The members of the Cabinet Mission were: Sir Richard Stafford Cripps, Lord Pathwick Lawrtnce and A. V. Alexander.

The chief proposals of the Cabinet Mission were as follows:

(1) there should be a Union of India embracing British India and the States.

(2) The Union should have an executive and legislature of representatives chosen from the British India and the States.

(3) All subjects other than the Union subjects would vest the States.

(4) The States will retain all subjects other than those ceded to the Union.

(5) Provinces would be free to form groups.

(6) Formation of a Constituent Assembly.

There were, of course, other proposals too of the Cabinet Mission.
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