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What was the basis principles ideology of pakistan?

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At the simplest level Ideology is a political statement however every political statement cannot be describe as an ideology. This is very important to repeat it. If you find newspapers you will find statement by political leaders, statement by political parties and senior govt officials President, PM and cabinet ministers. They make statements on social economic and political issues and all these are political statements. However none of these can be described as ideology, then what is ideology. Ideology is a set of beliefs, values and ideals a group or a nation subscribes to, this set of principles or ideals has to be ingrained over a period of time in the social consciousness of the society. Therefore, it becomes a part of the psychy and part of a social heritage of a group and also of a nation. In other words ideology is a set of principles; it is a framework of action and a guidance system that gives order and meaning to life and human action. It endorse a nation or a group with a sense of purpose, a sense of commitment, a sense of identity, a desire to work for achievement for certain objective and goal therefore ideology plays a very dynamic role in the lives of nations as well as groups because it shows them the path and destination which they want to achieve.

In other words we can say that ideology emphasizes certain things.

Ideology is a set of principles, ideal and blueprints for the future that is one of the important characteristics.

It offers a review of the existing political, social and economic arrangements.

It had to create a thinking and consciousness based on the principles and ideals of the ideology, a commitment and a sense of direction.

Ideology plays the role of legitimization and delegitmization that is both roles are played by the ideology. By legitimization means that the ideological principles and values are used to justify certain actions and certain developments. Similarly ideology is also used to delegtimize to criticize and to condemn certain actions and developments that do not fall within the framework of an ideology.

We have to talk about the role of the leadership and the state. There has to be a leadership that mobilizes people on the basis of that ideology, similarly a state can play such a role. State can be instrumental to implement the ideology so both leadership and state are needed.
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