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Why Muslim league was brought into existance? Explain three objectives of the Muslim league

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The All India Muslim League has its origins in the literary movement founded by the great Muslim educationist & reformer Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the “All-India Mohammedan Educational Conference.”Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had founded the Anglo-Oriental Muslim College, which later became a University at Aligarh, in Uttar Pradesh, India.

By 1906, Aligarh had gained prominence as an Institute that encouraged Muslims to accept the realities of the time, and created a new league of educated, reformed and intellectually capable Muslim youth & future leaders, who would represent the Muslim point of view for social acceptance, equality, and equity in India.

That laid the genesis of the All India Muslim League which held its first session in 1906, at Dhaka (present day Bangladesh) under the auspices of the Agha Khan and 3000 Muslim delegates from all across India.

In time, and under the guidance of our Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Muslim League became the bastion of the demand of a separate Independent Muslim Nation-State in South Asia.

the main reason for forming of Muslim league is

1. To create among Muslims the feelings of loyalty towards British Government and to remove misconception and suspicious.

2. To Safeguard the political rights of the Muslims and to bring them into the notice of the Government.

3. To prevent among the Muslims, the rise of prejudicial feelings against the other communities of India.
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