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List different types of keys?

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Locks and keys protect us and our valuable property in gardens, homes and offices. Good quality locks deter criminals, as thieves prefer to move on to another, easier target. Do not tag keys with a lock's location and report lost or stolen keys to the police immediately. Different types of locks and keys suit each of the items we need to secure.

The Collins English Dictionary defines a padlock as, "a detachable lock with a hinged hoop fastened through a ring on the object to be secured." These portable locks come in a variety of sizes and strengths. Secure bicycles, briefcases and outside tools, like ladders with this type of lock. Padlocks using keys are available in two varieties; rekeyable (locksmiths can alter the locking mechanism so it opens with a new, different key) and non-rekeyable. Padlocks secure chains used to lock up movable items, like bicycles, to immovable fixtures, such as the thick metal bars of bicycle parking facilities. Padlocks with a "shrouded shank," (those with a raised area protecting the U-shaped bar) are more difficult to cut with bolt cutters.
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