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List different objectives of the database.

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1.   Data integration: The data in file system is stored in separate files. It is very difficult to access data stored in separate and independent files. An important objective of databases is to solve this problem. The data in database may be located at different computers physically but it is connected through data communication links. In this way, data appears centralized logically.

2.    Data integrity: Data integrity means the reliability and accuracy of data. Integrity rules are designed to keep the data consistent and correct. These rules act like a check on the incoming data. It is very important that a data base maintains the quality of the data stored in it. DBMS provides several methods to enforce integrity of the data in a database.

Enforcing data integrity ensures the quality of data in the database. For example, if an employee ID is entered as “123”, this value should not be entered again. The same ID should not be assigned to two or more employees.

3.    Data independence: Database approach provides the facility of data independence. It means that the data and the application programs are separate from each other. The user can change data storage structures and operations without changing the application programs. The user can also modify programs without reorganization of data.
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