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What is an text file?

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a text file is like a wordprocessor file except there is no formatting in it. 

open windows notepad. type some text and save it as file.txt 

that is a text file 

images, html, software etc are other types of text files. the 3 character extension on the end of the filename tells your computer what type of file it is and how to execute it or what other program to display it in. 


◙ You should have read a great book called "Windows XP For Dummies" (no I'm not calling you a dummy) like I did when I first got on the Web. Except back then it was called "Windows 95 For Dummies". Trust me it's a great book and has lots of humor in it as well. There are two of them. Get the one that is 9 books in one. it has the most info. Don't read this book from cover-to-cover. Instead use it as a reference book. 

◙ This book will teach you haow do do many many things with your computer. Some of them are copy, paste, delete, highlighting text, making a file, saving a file and the list goes on and on. Getting on the web before you learn the basics of your computer is like trying to be a race car driver before you learn how to drive. 

◙ Look for this book at your local public library. If they don't have it have them use their username and password to login to firstsearch.org where they can get any book from any library in the world. :)

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