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State the use of data volume and usage analysis?

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We want to get a Data Volume Analysis of our SAP system.

It is about application related.

We searched in system menu, but did't find relevant tcode to get it.

What we want is as the version below:

Data Volume Analysis

Procurement (Materials Management) Count Comments

Active Raw Materials

Active Semi finished Materials

Active Finished Goods Materials

Active consumable Materials

Average New Raw Materials

Average New Finished Goods

Active Vendor Masters

New Vendors Masters / Month

Number of Info records

Active Source Lists

Average Purchase Documents / Month

Average Purchase Document lines / Month

Average Goods Receipts from Purchasing / Month

Average Vendor Invoices Processed / Month

Average Number of Vendor Returns/ Month

Frequency of Cycle Counts/Inventory Adjustments

Warehouse Management Count Comments

Number of Warehouses

Number of Bins within Warehouse

Number of Storage Types within Warehouse

Average Number of warehouse movements/Transactions

Commercial (Sales & Distribution) Count Comments

Active Customers

Average New Customers / Month

Average Sales Orders / Month

Average Sales Items / Month

Average Deliveries / Month

Average Delivery Lines / Month

Average Billing Documents / Month

Average Billing Document items / Month

Manufacturing (Production Planning) Count Comments

Average Production orders Cable / Month

Average number of Operations within Production order for Cable

Average Monthly CKM, FKM

Average production orders H&E / Month

Average number of Operations within Production order for H&E

Finance & Controlling Count Comments

Number of Fixed Assets

How can we get this Data Volume Analysis (application related)?

Anyone experienced please kindly give advice.
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