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Which two database objects can be used to create a report?

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Before you create a report, you should plan it so that it is functional, useful, and complete. A successful report design begins with planning. Determine the report requirements by:

Asking questions of the stakeholders.

Creating a model of the report.Determining which section types are required.

3.1.1 Surveying Stakeholders

Ask these questions of the stakeholders to determine the report requirements:

What is the purpose of the report?

Who will use the report?

What does the intended audience want to see in the report?

What information in the report will come directly from the database and what information needs to be calculated?

What are the best business views to use?

Which data fields and records should be included in the report?

In what order should the data be presented?

What is the most effective format in which to present the information?

Which reports are used to produce this information now?

Does a report already exist that could be copied and modified?

Will a new version of an existing report meet the business needs?

How frequently will the report be run?

Does the report output need to be exported to another software package using Output Stream Access (OSA) or Comma Separated Values (CSV)?
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