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Write a detailed note on climatic regions of Pakistan.

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Climatic regions of Pakistan: Pakistan can be divided into the following climatic regions, keeping in view the various climatic factors.

1 Subtropical Continental Highland: This region consists of northern, northwestern and western highlands. Murree, Chitral, Swat, Zhob, Quetta, Makran, etc. are included in this region. Winter is cold and often the temperature goes below freezing. The peeks of the mountains are covered with snow throughout the year.

2 Subtropical Continental Plateau: This region encompasses the north-western part of the Balochistan province. Here, winter is cold and the temperature in summer goes high enough and often dust-storms prevail.

3 Subtropical Continental Lowland: The region includes the interior of Punjab and Sindh provinces. Its climate is generally arid and extreme. Here, summer remains long and hot, but winter is cool and short.

4 Subtropical Coastal Areas: This region includes the coastal strip around Karachi and Makran in Balochistan. Here, due to the influence of the sea, the temperature remains moderate but humidity remains in the atmosphere.
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