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Why children are enrolled to training Institutions?

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Children are enrolled to different training institutions for education, training and transformation of cultural and societal aspects

The Child Training Institute (CTI) provides cutting-edge training to mental health professionals, including clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and more, who seek knowledge in the latest evidence-based treatments and techniques to help young clients and their families.

Working with children and adolescents who have experienced significant trauma and abuse, who struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, or who lag in emotional, psychological, developmental, or intellectual growth can be challenging. CTI is here to support the professionals who are, in turn, helping these children. We offer programs that encourage new ways to think about and approach the work, provide new skills, and support connections between clinicians and disciplines. We believe that on-going training is essential to each individual’s professional development, as well as the community of clients they serve.

CTI is proud to present live one-day and two-day trainings at our San Francisco location. Trainings are open to the public and provide continuing education credits for qualified participants.

In this day-long training with two internationally esteemed psychologists, we will explore the child-parent relationship from early in life. We will consider parental insightfulness into the emotional experience of the child and examine the significance of this relationship in children’s development for both normative and high-risk conditions. Integrated as a thread throughout this training will be critical concepts from Dr. Lieberman’s Child-Parent Psychotherapy model.'

Depression and suicidality in adolescents is exceptionally high in the San Francisco Bay Area and clinicians struggle to find ways to understand, predict, and treat the symptoms associated with the risk that accompanies these issues. Dr. Galynker will introduce the suicide trigger state, provide clinical anecdotes that support his work and introduce us to his current research on imminent suicide risk.
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