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Where Pakistan is located on the map of World?

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On the map of World, Pakistan is located at 23.42º to 36.55º North latitudes and 60.45º to 75.26º East longitude.

Provinces of Pakistan

Pakistan is divided into 5 main provinces. Each province has a legislative provincial assambly lead by the chief minister while there is a Governor in each province who represents the central government. Each province is named after the major language spoken in it.

Sindh Province

Sindh Province is in the south east. Karachi the southern most metropolis is the capital of the Sindh province. Sindh is also attributed to the Indus river and is also abode of the Indus civilization. Moen Jo Daro is also situated in this province. Most of the people in Sindh Speak Sindhi language.

Punjab Province

Punjab literally means the land of 5 rivers. Due to its rivers it is the most fertile and most populated province of Pakistan. People speak Punjabi here and have many colorful traditions. Most of Pakistanis outside Pakistan come from this province.

Pakhtoon Khuwah (formerly NWFP)

The Pakhtoon Khwah is the land of Pakhtoon or Pathans as called by the English. This is the north western province of Pakistan. The people in this province live in a strict tribal system. recently this province has been hit by the troubles of Taliban

Balouchistan Province

The south western province of Pakistan it is the largest province of the country making about 40% of the total area of Pakistan. It is also most scarcely populated province of Pakistan.

Gilgit Baltistan

The land of high mountains and beautiful valleys. This has been only recently formed previously it was a centrally administered area called the Northern Areas.

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