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What is the method of writing both Christian and Islamic dates on one calendar?

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Days, weeks and months are mentioned on one calendar. If both Christian and Islamic dates are written on one calendar, the dates of one (i.e. Islamic) can be written in large fonts and others (i.e.Christian) can be written in small fonts

What year is it now? The question is not as simple as it may sound. Everything is relative. People created calendars to measure the course of time. But time is ephemeral, it can’t be caught, and a countdown point can’t be marked. That’s where the complexity starts. How to find the beginning? Where to count from? And with what steps?

Today Bright Side will tell you about different calendars. Many more calendars exist today and have existed through the years, but even these are enough to feel all the relativeness and ephemerality of time.

Most countries in the world live according to the Gregorian calendar. It was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in place of the Julian calendar. The difference between these 2 calendars today is 13 days, and it increases by 3 days every 400 years. That’s why there is such a holiday as Old New Year: it’s New Year according to the Julian calendar, and some countries still celebrate it. However, nobody neglects "regular" New Year.

The Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 in Catholic countries, and it was gradually distributed to other countries. According to it, on January 1, the year 2018 will begin.

In Thailand, 2018 will be the year 2561 (according to the Gregorian calendar). Officially, Thailand lives according to the Buddhist lunar calendar, in which chronology starts from the moment Buddha achieved nirvana.

However, they use the Gregorian calendar as well. Exceptions are often made for foreigners, and the dates on goods and documents are written according to this calendar. The Buddhist calendar is also used in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.
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