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Feroz Shah Tughlaq did several welfare works for public. Scholarships were awarded to widows, crippled and poor people.Unemployees were listed and were given employments. Many health centres were set up where patients treated freely.

Sultan Firuz Shah Tughlaq (1309 – 20 September 1388) was a Turkic Muslim ruler of the Tughlaq Dynasty, who reigned over the Sultanate of Delhi from 1351 to 1388.[1][2] His father's name was Rajab (the younger brother of Ghazi Malik) who had the title Sipahsalar.[citation needed] He succeeded his cousin Muhammad bin Tughlaq following the latter's death at Thatta in Sindh, where Muhammad bin Tughlaq had gone in pursuit of Taghi the ruler of Gujarat. For the first time in the history of Delhi Sultanate, a situation was confronted wherein nobody was ready to accept the reins of power. With much difficulty, the camp followers convinced Firuz to accept the responsibility. In fact, Khwaja Jahan, the Wazir of Muhammad bin Tughlaq had placed a small boy on throne claiming him to the son of Muhammad bin Tughlaq,[3] who meekly surrendered afterwards. Due to widespread unrest, his realm was much smaller than Muhammad's. Tughlaq was forced by rebellions to concede virtual independence to Bengal and other provinces.


We know of Firuz Shah Tughlaq in part through his 32-page autobiography, titled Futuhat-e-firozshahi..[4][5] He was 45 when he became Sultan of Delhi in 1351. He ruled until 1388. At his succession, after the death of Muhammad Tughlaq, he faced many rebellions, including in Bengal, Gujarat and Warangal. Nonetheless he worked to improve the infrastructure of the empire building canals, rest-houses and hospitals, creating and refurbishing reservoirs and digging wells. He founded several cities around Delhi, including Jaunpur, Ferozpur, Hissar, Firuzabad, Fatehabad.[6] Most of Firozabad was destroyed as subsequent rulers dismantled its buildings and reused the spolia as building materials,[7] and the rest was subsumed as New Delhi grew.


Tughlaq was a fervent Muslim. He made a number of important concessions to theologians. He tried to ban practices that the orthodox theologians considered un-Islamic, an example being his prohibition of the practice of Muslim women going out to worship at the graves of saints. He persecuted a number of Muslim sects which were considered heretical by the theologians.[citation needed] Tughlaq took to heart the mistakes made during his cousin Muhammad's rule. He decided not to reconquer areas that had broken away, nor to keep further areas from taking their independence. He was indiscriminately benevolent and lenient as a sultan.[8] He decided to keep nobles and the Ulema happy so that they would allow him to rule his kingdom peacefully.

"The southern states had drifted away from the Sultanate and there were rebellions in Gujarat and Sindh", while "Bengal asserted its independence." The Sultan led expeditions to against Bengal in 1353 and 1358. The Sultan captured Cuttack, desecrated the Jagannath Temple, Puri, and forced Raja Gajpati of Jajnagar in Orissa to pay tribute. Most of the Jajnagar raid has been disproved by KC Panigrahi. The Original Muslim chroncilers refer to a raid, which, demolished Jagannath Temple and destroyed stone Idols. Subsequent Archaeological evidence disproves the complete demolition to the Temple even though structural superficial damages have been seen. Also, Jagannath Mandira does not have stone Idols. The Daru Brahma is a wooden Idol which is replaced after every Nabakalabera that happens once every 14-16 years based on an Odia Panchanga. This implies the raid while true , does not sound like a large scale invasion, but, more of a Hit and run incident. This is not uncommon for Medieval chroniclers.
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