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Chandaragupta II ruled for how many years and what was his title?

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Chandaragupta II ruled for 38 years and he became famous with the title of "Bikrema Jeet".

Samudragupta was succeeded by his son Chandragupta II popularly known as Vikramaditya. He ruled from 380 AD to 413 AD.

According to some scholars the immediate successor of Samudragupta was his son Ramagupta, the elder brother of Chandragupta II.

This has been mentioned by Visakhadutta in his drama Devi Chandragupta. In between Samudragupta and Chandragupta II for a period of five years (375 to 380) Ramagupta became the ruler. He was a weak and feeble ruler and was unable to uphold royal power and authority and thus his rule was polluted with disgrace.

Chandragupta II the second great ruler of the Gupta dynasty was one of the ablest rulers of India. But this theory is not corroborated by any unimpeachable evidence. In fact depending on the drama it is imprudent to accept the theory of Ramagupta and his ascendency immediately after Samudragupta. It is further said that Chandragupta II was specially selected by his father for his ability and competence and ruled from 375 AD to 414 AD. Like his father Chandragupta II spearheaded the policy of world conquest. The iron pillar discovered at Mehrauli near Kutub Minar at Delhi bears a Sanskrit inscription.

The inscription referred to a king Chandra who defeated the kings of Vanga. Chandragupta waged many wars against the chiefs of Bengal and maintained peace there. Chandragupta was the worthy son of a worthy father. He took up the heroic legacy of his father and earned further glories for the Gupta dynasty. He is identified with the famous Vikramaditya of the Indian tradition, a king of many legends who ruled from Ujjayini. For his acts as a hero and a wise king Chandragupta Vikramaditya obviously became a centre of many legends and stories.


Mehrauli iron pillar throws some light about the conquests of Vikramaditya. After defeating the king of Vanga or Bengal Chandragupta waged war and crossed seven mouths of river Sindhu and conquered Vahlika in the Beas Valley bordering Kashmir. On the basis of this theory it is accepted that his territory was extended towards north-western province. Chandragupta thought of subduing his enemies who were constant threats to the security and independence of Aryavarta and the Gupta empire. He therefore undertook a series of campaigns.
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