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Name the famous gods of Aryans

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Their famous gods were, surya, Agni and Indar.

The ancient Aryans performed different rituals to worship their gods and goddesses, who were closely associated with the forces of nature.  One of those rituals is called Agnicayana.  Agnicayana is a ritual where they build a altar-like fireplace made of bricks.  The ritual ends with the sacrifice of a goat.  Many of the ancient Aryan rituals are still practiced today.


Why and how were sacrifices performed to the ancient Aryan deities?

The Devas were the three main ancient Aryan nature gods:  they were celestial (Varuna: controller of the cosmos), atmospheric (Indra: ruler and warrior of the sky), and terrestrial (Agni: god of fire). Agni played a key role in sacrifices because he "ate up" and then transported sacrifices to the other Devas:  plants, animals, a sacred drink called “soma,” and clarified butter (ghee). The fire sacrifice was carried out by priests, who followed complicated instructions from the Rig Veda. People thought that their sacrifices were food for the Devas. In return, the gods kept men, their crops, and their animals healthy, helped them to do well in battle, and ensured a long and happy life.


Why was Indra the favorite god of the Aryans?  

Indra was the favorite god of the ancient Aryans because he was the bringer of rain. After every summer, the Aryan people would sing, dance, and pray to him for rain. According to mythology, it was Indra who once freed the water and sunshine from the hills and clouds and in doing so, saved the humans. He is also seen as the bringer of children. In one wedding hymn, Indra is asked for children, but particularly, a son. Whenever these things of good fortune would happen for the Aryans, they would celebrate Indra in the hope that he would keep bringing good gifts.
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