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Distance learning is the major source of getting knowledge.
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11 Jul 2016

Distance learning is the major source of getting knowledge and

obtaining certificates and degrees all over the world.


Contribute to our database of study notes of any class any subject. Send us your notes through email ( Our export teachers will review your notes. We will give you hand some amount and put your notes in this website. Your students will also facilitate through this website.

Today is the age of Information technology and our world has become global village.

Distance learning is the major source of getting knowledge and obtaining certificates and degrees all over the world.


We have ONLINE ACADEMY to facilitate the students to come and show their abilities and learn more about their different subjects according to syllabus. Students can register their self and they will field the following facilities:

1.       Short Questions and Answers

2.       Multiple Choice Questions

3.       Fill in the blanks

4.       Match the columns

5.       Solved exercises of every chapter

This material is composed and examined by the professionals and expert teachers from all over the world. Students will feel that there is no need to buy HANDBOOKS and KEYBOOKS.

Students can also meet their teachers and lecturers ONLINE according to their schedule and their problems can be solved at hand.


This website is to facilitate the teachers to make personal free Online account to register with ONLINE ACADEMY. The responsibility of the teacher is to make Short Q/A, Multiple choice, True/False, Fill in the blanks and Match the column of his subject according to the syllabus and Start Earning. Millions of students are waiting for couching in many different subjects all over the world. Teachers will have bright future to groom and attractive opportunities to earn more through our website. If you register with us millions of students are waiting for your couching classes according to your subject. For more detail contact us.


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