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What is the difference between a floppy disk and a hard disk?

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Floppy disk is made of flexible plastic.
It is coated with ferromagnetic compound
It is inserted into the drive when it has to be used.
Floppy disk has small storage capacity of about 1MB - 3MB
Hard Disk
1. Hard disk is made of aluminium
 it is coated with a layer of
magnetized material like (Fe Co Kr, Ni).
2. It is installed inside the system unit.
3. Hard disk has higher storage
capacity than floppy disk e.g. 10 GB, 40GB and so on.
4. Hard disk is made by joining many plates.    ___ ____
5.It is closed in a jacket.
6 It is a single sheet of flexible plastic
7.t is also housed in a protective jacket.
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