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Name different information storage devices and describe their use.

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Ans. The information storage devices are
1. Audio and video cassettes   
2. Hard disk
3. Magnetic disks
4. Floppy disk                          
5. Computer disk (CDs)     
6. Flash drives

Audio and Video Cassettes
These devices are based on magnetism. Audio cassettes consist of a tape of magnetic material on which sound is recorded in a particular form of a magnetic field For this purpose microphone changes sound waves into electric pulses which are made by an amplifier
Hard Disk
A hard disk is a rigid, magnetically sensitive disk that spins rapidly and continuously inside the computer A typical hard disk consists of several platters, each accessed via a read/write head on a moveable arm. A hard disk might hold hundreds cr thousand of megabytes of information,
Magnetic Disk
A magnetic disc is coated with a layer of some magnetic material. The read/write head of magnetic discs are similar to the record relay head on a tape recorder It magnetizes parts of the surface to record information. The magnetic disk is a digital medium.
Floppy Disk
A floppy disc is a small magnetically sensitive, flexible plastic wafer housed in plastic case. It is coated with a magnetic oxide similar to the material used to coat cassettes and video tapes Most person computers include at least one disk drive that allows the computer to write it and read from floppy disk.
Floppies lack the storage capacity and drive speed for many large jobs. Data stored on floppy disks is also subject to loss as a result of stray magnetic fields.. Floppy disks are reliable only for short-term storage and cannot be used longer
Computer Disks (CDs)
This is based on laser technology It is a molded plastic disc on whrch digital data is stored in the form of microscopic refleqting and non-reflecting spots which are called "pits" and "lands" respectively. Pits are the spiral tracks encoded on the top surface of CD and lands are the areas between pits A fine "laser beam scans the surface of the rotating disk to read the data
Flash Derives
It is an electronic based device and consists of data storage ICs A flash drive is a small storage device that can be used to transport files from one computer to another
A flash drive is easy to use Once we have created a paper or other work, we cart simply plug our flash drive into a USB port. A flash drive will also come in handy if you are able to print out homework at school. We can write a paper at home, save it to our flash drive, and then plug the drive into a USB port on a school computer
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